what we have never had remains

it is the things we have that go

beckys and bitters
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my heart is warm with friends i've made. and better friends i'll not be knowing.
but there isn't a train that i wouldn't take. no matter where it's going.

"And the best ones were the ones I got to keep as I grew strong,
And the days that opened up until my whole life could belong,
And now I'm getting the answers, when I don't need them anymore,
I'm finding the pictures, and I finally know what I kept them for,
I remember, I can see them, see them smiling, see them stuck,
See them try, I wish them luck and all the blessings." - Dar Williams, the blessings

"Leaving ain’t fair you know
Parting ain’t just
People got to move on
People got to do what they must
And we’re back together again
And I’m never gonna lose you as a friend
Well I guess that highway got a hold of me
Thinking crazy thoughts like it was going to set me free" - Indigo Girls, back together again

It makes sense that it should happen this way. That the sky should break and the earth should shake. As if to say, sure it all matters but in such an unimportant way.
It makes sense that it should hurt in this way. That my heart should break and my hands should shake. As if to say, sure it don’t matter except in the most important way.